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The Trinity Theory - Vol. 1

A non-denominational, nonfiction spiritual how-to trilogy book

Over time, in the stagnant, dualistic struggle of Devil/God, good/bad, and dark/light, humanity has lost something precious.  This hidden gem, The Trinity Theory, is an ancient perspective, a third way of being and a key option for living based upon the primordial Laws of Nature and their sublime foundation, the spiral.
Straight lines do not exist in nature.  Duality, with its linear, human-made concepts uses cubic systems to manage a naturally curvaceous and spiralized world, as every living being in the universe grows according to the same blueprint of a spiral.  This contradiction is the heart of the conundrum humanity faces today, made obvious by the turmoil observable in many aspects of society.
The Trinity Theory is a way to perceive the world that touches upon many vital facets of human existence.  It is a theory that teaches you to acknowledge the spiral in your world in order to work around the inflexible nature of the square systems that pervade reality.  It will allow harmony to flow into your lifestyle, enliven your world-view, and improve the quality of your life.  

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