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Vol. I
Human Science of Soul


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The Trinity Theory explores the human science of soul.  It presents a unique point of view, which demonstrates how you can strengthen your ability to create yourself throughout your lifetime.  By showing you how to focus on having a passionate connection to life, it offers you ways to bring balance between both your dark and light qualities.  It brings new twists to old concepts by revealing fresh perspectives on ancient ways.  It unearths spiritual secrets that have not been available until this jeweled key has unlocked them.


Vol. II

Energetic Guide To The Earth


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The Trinity Theory is bold. It is unlike any other spiritual system available.  With a foundation of the spiral,  it is an expression of the instinctive, cursive nature of all living beings.  It gives ways to connect with the spiral in your life so you may live in harmony with the world around you, empower your ability to have a strong soul connection and make it easier to find personal freedom.  It relates a complete way of life by touching upon many facets of your journey, exploring ways to improve the quality of your experience and revealing how to hold your head so you can see the rainbow. 

Vol. III

How To Catch An Angel


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The Trinity Theory is an energetic guide to understanding life on Earth.  It is composed of 13 concepts that are distinct, yet harmonic aspects of the cosmology of life.  They present genuine guidelines for understanding your place in the universe.  The core principles within flow from the laws of nature and represent the inherent formulae of the Creatrix that govern your life.  The Theory is simple to understand, yet deep in meaning.

The Diary of The Scarlet Woman



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Who is The Scarlet Woman?  This question has been asked and answered in copious ways.  Born from a vision of terror?  Or is her source much more ancient and profound?  A flaming presence and mysteriousness proceed her; and many throughout the Aeons have pondered her tantalizing archaic nature. 

What is The Scarlet Woman?  With titles like “Mother of Abominations” and “Sacred Whore” attached to her, she is an enigma to most.  Aleister Crowley, the famous British magickian, professed to know her well in many of his writings.  With her crimson aura bleeding through his beautiful words, he took us deeper into her mysteries.  He held a lantern up in the unexplored darkness, in an effort to share his understanding of her with us.

But, as The Scarlet Woman is the representation of the Goddess, he could only travel so far down those hallowed female pathways.  For the mysteries of blood eluded him, as they do with all men.  This is the beauty of The Scarlet Woman.  Above all, she is the most powerful priestess on the planet at any given time, an office filled when the need arises.  And that time is now…

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